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Smart Asset Software

Deployment Options


SmartAsset can be deployed in Multiple ways. SmartAsset Office Deployment Capability (ODC) enable deployment of key asset management functions including asset navigation and monitoring, maintenance and project planning, task assignment, and reporting via the Office 2007 and 2010 products, namely Outlook, Excel and Projects, thereby providing their users with the same comfort and familiarity enjoyed with those products.



The experience gained in building interfaces between the SmartAsset predecessor product FMMS, and ERPs such as SAP, MIMS, JDE and Oracle Financials played an integral part of the interface design process for SmartAsset where particular use of the multi-tiered architecture to address interface requirements held a strong focus.



SmartAsset represents a new generation, comprehensive enterprise asset management application that enables asset owners to better manage and maintain their plant, facilities and equipment.


SmartAsset focuses on managing the following business functions:

Assets, ​Standard Activities, Job Management​, Planning, ​​Asset Tracking​, ​​Cataloguing, Purchasing and Inventory​, ​​Contract Management​, ​​Risk Management​, ​​Strategic Planning​



SmartAsset offers two significant options in relation to the provision of hardcopy reports.

Firstly, SQL Server Reporting Services provide a user-friendly way of building and publishing reports based on the SmartAsset database model as developed by The Online Workshop. Secondly, by embedding SmartAsset functionality within Excel, the power of that product can be utilised to produce reports that may involve macros and formulae in order to produce powerful presentations of data.

Data Migration


We have extensive experience with the migration of existing customer data. One significant example was for Queensland Rail, where 12,000 wagons and in excess of 500 locomotives, representing over 140,000 facility items and valued at over $1.5b were uploaded into our database from SAP.

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