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Smart Asset Mobile App

Best in class asset management software with powerful mobility for field technicians.

Smart Asset Mobile App


  • The Smart Asset Mobile app is designed for true field mobility in online and offline mode. Create, edit and complete  your jobs and assets while out on the field. Add remarks and images while on the go.


  • Receive notifications as soon as a Job or Job request has been assigned to you. Easily view on the map all your surrounding assets.


  • The Smart Asset Mobile App is compatible with both IOS and
    Android operating systems and can be downloaded on Mobiles or Tablets.
  • The App is intuitive and easy to use


  • Features of the App are controlled by the permission levels of the logged in user. If a user doesn’t have permission to access functionality, it will be hidden from the mobile Application when that user logs in


  • The mobile App is positioned to capture and deliver some of the latest technological trends such as sensor tracking (IOT), Artificial Intelligence reporting,  in upcoming future releases.

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