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Smart Asset Browser

Attractive & Intuitive Dashboard


Get a high-level snapshot of your assets simply by landing on the dashboard.

From there you can see:


  • Total number of assets
  • Total active Jobs
  • Total active Job requests
  • Total Requisitions (If using the supply chain module)
Attractive and Intuitive Dashboard

Asset Map View


The user can easily toggle between list and map view and apply various filters to the list of assets shown in both views.

Asset Map View

Asset List View


  • Ability to Add/edit assets (permission pending)
  • Ability to Import or export an Asset List
  • Ability to see Asset hierarchy in left hand menu
  • Ability to drill into asset detail
Assets List View

Asset Detail View


  • View Asset details eg Code, status, child assets, Jobs/Job requests against the asset etc
  • Multiple Tabs to allow the user to execute various tasks eg
    • Library: View/Upload documents and Images
    • Location: View/Edit Asset location
    • Worklist: View all the work items against the asset and its children
    • Jobs: View all jobs against an asset and filter by Originator (Person a job is assigned to) or shop.
    • Readings: Review and add readings against the asset eg Kms, Hours
    • Standard Activities: Review the standard activities that have been created for the asset
    • Reference: Review any reference data that exists for the asset
    • Supplementary data: Review all the supplementary data that has been added against the asset
    • Risk/Condition: View current asset risk or condition and update.
Asset Detail View

Job Requests List View

Ability to create new Job request (Fault)

  • Ability to view Job requests and filter by originator and Shop
  • Ability to view Job requests “History”
  • Ability to convert a job request into a Job
Job Requests List View

Job Requests Detailed View


  • View Job requests details and key dates
  • View Attachments
  • Convert to Job
Job Requests Detailed View

Jobs List View


  • Ability to create a new job
  • Ability to view jobs based on the Asset selected in the Hierarchy
  • Ability to filter list by:
    • Job title
    • Job Number
    • Shop
    • Originator

Jobs Detail View


The job detail view is for reviewing and completing the Job. You will be able to view and edit (permission pending):


  • Details with instructions
  • Remarks
  • Materials required for the job – You can also add materials used for the job
  • Resources required for the Job – you can also add resources used for the job
  • References of all Job requests linked to this job
  • Attachments/Images
Jobs Detail View

Calendar View


The calendar view provides a clear display of all scheduled Jobs. The red, yellow and green colour coding indicates the status of the jobs.


Clicking on any of the jobs in the calendar will provide a quick summary of the Job.


You can filter your jobs by Job status.
You can view the Calendar in Monthly, weekly or daily views.

Calendar View

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