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Microsoft Office Add-Ins

Outlook Add-In


The SmartAsset Outlook Addin actively promotes communication between asset managers, maintenance planners and workshop personnel by sharing relevant information in a manner that is already familiar to them.​


By dragging and dropping maintenance jobs onto calendars that are shared for all to see and securely access using Microsoft Exchange, asset managers and maintenance planners can plan, assign and monitor all asset activities, including the ability to receive and action email notifications of fault reports and material/purchase requisitions.

Smart Asset Microsoft Outlook Integration

Project Add-In


The SmartAsset Project Addin eliminates the tedium and error potential of importing and exporting data to/from Microsoft Projects for asset management activities such as planned shutdowns, construction and operational requirements.

By embedding asset management functionality inside MS Projects, the process of selecting, extracting and inserting jobs and their dependencies is a simple matter of a few mouse clicks, all done without leaving Projects.

Smart Asset Microsoft Project Integration

Excel Add-In


The SmartAsset Excel Addin harnesses the power and capability of Excel when used for asset management data preparation, manipulation and presentation with the security and safety of a commercially accepted asset management software product that ensures consistent data integrity and industry standards for database storage and recovery.

By embedding asset management functionality inside Excel, the process of uploading asset data including field-assessed valuations utilises SmartAsset business rules including data validation and facilitates easy access to database content via simple context menu options that launch standard SmartAsset forms.

Smart Asset Microsoft Project Integration

The Differentiator


Embedding out product into the Microsoft Office tools has been the most popular among customers and prospects.

Indeed, Microsoft formally recognised the benefits of this approach by awarding SmartAsset as the Office Business Applications Solution of the Year in 2008 at the Office developer’s conference in San Jose, CA.

According to our customers, the huge benefit of this form of deployment is that users can remain in their comfort zone by continuing to use tools that they already access for managing emails, calendars, spread sheets and projects.

The Differentiator Smart asset