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Sensors and IOT

The Internet of Things


The SmartAsset Enterprise Asset Management Application now provides support for IoT deployments.Sensors installed on assets, send their data in real­time to our integrated IoT platform. The data generated by the sensors is processed, the results obtained are passed back to the business. Existing asset management reports are enhanced with new information.​

The Internet of Things Smart Asset

Smart Asset’s IoT Plugin


SkyGrid are a leading IoT platform provider, and togther with SmartAsset, are powering the next generation of Asset Management technology. The SkyGrid IoT platform is used to manage the sensors installed by the business. It provides a single interface for manging the deployed sensors, and integrating into existing asset management systems.

Improved Maintenance


Rather than performing routine calendar-based inspections and servicing, use sensor data to ensure maintenance is only performed when it is required.


For example, machines can be serviced when they have performed a certain number of engine revs, as opposed to every 3 months.


More efficient maintenance will prolong the asset lifespan, and improve operational efficiency.

Improved Maintnance

Realtime Visibility


Improve asset utilization and employee productivity by providing the location of resources and ensuring assets are in the right place at the right time.


Realtime visibility improves the management of critical resources (people and equipment). It also prevents theft and loss.