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Data Migration

We have extensive experience with the migration of existing customer data.​
One significant example was for Queensland Rail, where 12,000 wagons and in excess of 500 locomotives, representing over 140,000 facility items and valued at over $1.5b were uploaded into our database from SAP. This activity consisted of the transfer of legacy data to preconfigured MS Excel spreadsheets. The data was then reviewed for correctness and accuracy, and then uploaded to the database using scripts developed by ourselves.

Additionally we specified the process and participated in the transfer of legacy data held in the Alcoa legacy maintenance management system to FMMS during the implementation of FMMS at Alcoa’s WA operations. The Legacy data in this case was made up of facility items and historical work activities. This project value was $8m of which $3m was spent with us on software, services, data uploads, training and system interface development.

The above examples refer to data associated with fixed and mobile assets. We have also built tools to accommodate uploading linear asset data. Such data was gathered by a local rail authority and described the linear asset and related infrastructure such as bridges, level crossings, etc.

It is important to note that an initial analysis of all current data is carried out in order to identify its suitability for electronic transfer in terms of cost effectiveness. In some cases, due to data integrity, a decision to re-key data rather than perform electronic transfer is preferable.

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