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Smart Asset truly believes in setting up our clients for the best chance at success.
To become partner of choice for best in class asset management solution, we endeavour to help our clients on their journey to understanding Asset management best practice.


Although implementing a powerful Asset management software like Smart Asset can help companies dramatically better manage and maintain their assets, the reality is that unless companies have sound business practices and a strategic asset management plan in place to implement via the Asset management software, they will risk spending significant sums of money on a system that ultimately ends up failing and frustrating users and executives alike.




The Smart Asset project methodology involves multiple early stage workshops with our clients to help them articulate their “Current” business state and guide them to the “best practice future state” that complement the organisation’s overall Vision and Asset management strategy.


These workshops usually involve multiple stakeholders from key teams as well as members of the executive team responsible for overseeing the strategic asset management plan (SAMP).


The outcome of such workshops is a detailed document which articulates business use cases with clearly defined user workflows and forms the basis of the Asset Management system design.


This document becomes the backbone and a constant reference point throughout the implementation project, user training and future decision making for the company.


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