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Cloud Deployment

Smart Asset Cloud Deployment

Smart Asset Software can be deployed on Cloud or On-Premise.
We use the reliable Microsoft Azure cloud for all cloud deployments. Our solution can be deployed as a single or multi-tenanted solution. Our infrastructure architects will work with our clients to determine the best deployment options for their organisation.

Smart Asset Cloud Deployment

Microsoft Azure Cloud


Advantages of deploying Smart Asset on Microsoft Azure Cloud include:

  1. Built in monitoring and alerts capabilities

    • Full analysis of usage and resource utilisation.
  2. High availability and data protection capabilities

    • 99.9% SLA
    • Automatic Backups
    • Point in time restores
    • Failover Clusters
    • Geo-Redundancy
  3. Built in performance intelligence

    • Distribute workloads over resources available (Database throughput units) automatically.
  4. Automatic Index management

  5. Automatic query plan optimisation

  6. Security

    • Automatic threat detection
    • Automatic security auditing
    • In store encryption of sensitive data as identified on the database layer
    • Row level security
    • Dynamic data masking
    • In motion encryption of data going to and coming from the database
    • Security compliance with multiple government standards including:
      • Australia APRA – The Microsoft APRA Compliance Checklist for Australian FSIs maps Azure against APRA CPS 231 requirements.
      • CCSL (IRAP) – Microsoft is accredited for the Australian Certified Cloud Services List based on an IRAP assessment.

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