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Benefits of Adopting New Technology

Smart Asset Blog: Smart Asset Management on Your Smart Phone

Benefits of Adopting New Technology

In 2018 it is now possible to manage all your company’s assets from smart phones.

It has never been so easy to increase productivity, improve decision-making and reduce waste. It is predicted that 50% of small businesses will turn to mobile applications to improve the way business is done.*

What used to be done at a desktop on site, can now be done from anywhere by anyone. This new technology is in direct response to CEO’s requirements for more flexible, and cost saving asset management systems.

Darren Arklay, Operations Manger for Smart Asset, says, ‘CEO’s know that it no longer makes sense to try and manage modern businesses without mobile applications. When your assets and staff are mobile – your approach to asset management has to be as well.’

The benefits of mobile asset management include:

1. Access to real time data in the field
2. Ability to view assets on a map and know their condition at all times
3. Report back on asset job requirements as they come up
4. Completion of safety checklist, before starting a job to increase safety for your staff
5. Minimise manual paperwork and double handling of data, which in turn minimises errors
6. Stops unnecessary trips to and from the office to input data

Mobile applications mean that all decision makers have access to the information they need, at anytime, anywhere from their smartphone. Not only increasing the insights you have in your business, but also increasing your ability to turn insight into profit. And there are more technological advancements being launched weekly.

We have always believed that there is a smarter way to do business, and we try and prove this everyday. Mobile asset management is now a tried and tested, cost effective way to increase efficiency in any company. - Rania Awad, CEO at Smart Asset.


The mobile technology available to companies today, means that the future of business has never looked brighter or more profitable.