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Smart Asset Tracking Module

The New Smart Asset Tracking module enables you to assign assets to people, other assets, or jobs to ensure accountability and transparency on the location of the assets at any given time.


Our clients tell us that assets go missing ALL the time. And missing assets are a huge expense for any size business in any industry.

Here are some key features of our Asset Tracking functionality that your business could be in need of:

Quick check in/out


The “Quick” Checkout feature is designed with organisations that have a ‘large volume of assets that require checking out in the fastest possible way’ in mind.


This feature enables organisations to scan a destination (users or other assets) and then scan the assets that they are checking out.

Bulk check outs/reservations


The bulk checkout and reservation functionality is designed for complete flexibility in checking out or reserving a single or multiple number of assets at once.


The user can checkout multiple assets by searching for the assets and building a bulk list.


The user can also reserve this asset list for a future date.


The user has the flexibility to add hundreds of assets to the checkout or reservation in a few clicks – saving time and effort. Similarly the user can check in hundreds of assets from the existing check out.

In-depth asset details screen


Store all of your equipment data in one easy to use location. Within our dashboard you will be able to:


  • View all assets – both available and unavailable
  • ‘Check Out’ the asset you would like to use, if available
  • ‘Reserve’ an asset for a future date
  • And more.

Trackable asset calendar


With our simple tracking function you will be able to easily track your asset’s reservation schedule and also how often an item is being checked out through calendar format.

Interested in finding out more about

Smart Asset’s tracking feature ?

If you’re not sure how your business could use the Smart Asset tracking feature best, we can help. Simply request a trial of our product – which comes with a private demonstration with our team – through our form here, and we’ll be able to show you exactly how this functionality could save your business thousands of dollars.